Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I hate, and I don't like to use the "h" word but I, hate bagless vacuum cleaners.  My husband is convinced this is better.  But, he never cleans them so why would he care?

Who likes this idea of fooling with the cup to empty the dust and dirt which inevitably flies in your face.  There are always at least two filters to clean.  You have to manually clean the second sponge filter and let it dry before you can use it again.  Who likes to do this?

What happened to the bag vacuum cleaners?  They were great.  They were cleaner.  They were easy.  There was just one bag.

Bring back the bag vacuum cleaners!!

Who likes to clean a bagless?


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I like a bag!!!

Amanda said...

I LOVE vacuuming. Was that the question? :) I like my old bag vacuum... have never really used a bagless... so I dont know! But I will agree with you if it helps! ;)

Kimberly said...

Hi Amanda, thanks for your comment. My post was about the bagless vacuum cleaners and how messy and inconvenient they are. But since you haven't had to switch to a bagless, you are proving my point that the "old bag" vacuums are great! I like it when everyone agrees with me too!!

Carmen said...

Oh, I thought bagless was a wonderful idea when it first came out. Um, it's not. When you remove a bag, the dirt is confined. When you clean a bagless, it gets everywhere! Yuck!