Friday, August 31, 2007


What do you think? It's not hard to do - just takes time and a little determination. I applied about 5 coats of gloss varnish because I wanted it shiny. It is important also, to sand in between coats of dry varnish. My new sewing bureau is ready for use. You could apply as little as two coats of a matte varnish if you prefer. It is now in my new sewing room, filled with fabrics and projects waiting to be finished.

I couldn't find handles long enough to span the 5 inches of space between predrilled holes, so I opted to put two round nobs on each drawer instead. I like it - it functions very well.

So, next time you see a throw away piece of wood furniture - take it home and give it some love! You'll be very glad you did.

To see phase 1 of this project, click here.


Patricia said...

Even though it took you 3 years to start I admire your ambition! I know how much work it is to refinish furniture. I just lack the energy to want to do it anymore. I just got rid of a super cute shelf because i didn't want to deal with it...and I don't really have room for it anymore. Hopefully the woman who got it will love it. =)

Michelle Rayburn said...

I saw your before post too. This is terrific. Nice job refinishing.


Miss Mustard Seed said...

That's a great dresser! And the new finish looks great. Well done!

Robyn said...

GREAT job...I'm sure that was a lot of work but it sure paid off!