Saturday, January 10, 2009


We love gingerbread men, but my family has just informed me they don't want any more till next Christmas. All the decorations are put away and now it's time for . . .

Reorganization, consolidation, and spring cleaning. That certainly sounds good.

But, not only does that start me thinking about changing all the accessories in our home, but painting each and every room as well. Oh my.

Last year, I adopted a theme word for myself. It was Resolve - meaning a: to deal with successfully b: to find an answer to c: to make clear or understandable.

This year my word will be: Efficient
: productive of desired effects ; especially : productive without waste: efficient worker. I've always liked that word. I will try my best to be that. Especially being efficient with my time - is what I want. I will strive to make my minutes count for something lasting and eternal.


debra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the idea of being efficient. It makes so much sense but I never really thought of it that much in my day to day life. And I don't know why. Thanks for the insight.

Tandra said...

Hi Kim! oh, I think I need that word EFFICIENT also!

Totally relates.