Monday, January 12, 2009

Do it


1. Reread your favorite childhood book.
2. Paint something.
3. Discover a new favorite song.
4. Cry at a good movie.
5. Laugh out loud during an online chat.
6. Call your grandmother.
7. Buy a piece of artwork.
8. Organize your photos. (!)
9. Read a classic.
10. Dance.
11. Discover a new family-favorite recipe.
12. Take a candle-lit bubble bath.
13. ... with your hubby.
14. Rock-a-bye a baby.
15. Send a thank-you card to a veteran.
16. Blog about something you really believe in.
17. Take more pictures.
18. Travel somewhere you've never been.
19. Write a love letter.
20. Tell your children the story of their births.
21. Send a balloon to heaven.
22. Make a charitable donation.
23. Do something green.
24. Tip your newspaper delivery guy.
25. Thank your mother.
26. Make hand prints of your kids or grandkids.
27. Repaint the room you've been meaning to paint for years.
28. Display a photo you took.
29. Buy a nice-smelling hand soap.
30. Buy one gift through etsy instead of Wal-Mart.
31. Roast marshmallows.
32. Listen to an audiobook while you drive.
33. Burn a great smelling candle.
34. Cuddle with something furry.
35. Back up your photos.
36. Hang up a bird feeder.
37. Read a great book in bed.
38. Make soup from scratch.
39. Rotate your mattress.
40. Drink great coffee.
41. ... with your girlfriends.
42. Be a local tourist.
43. Order room service at a hotel.
44. Watch your favorite 80s movie.
45. Invite your neighbors to dinner.
46. Watch the sun rise and set.
47. Go to a live performance.
48. Get/renew your library card.
49. Make sundaes/Blizzards at home.
50. Look at your wedding photos.
51. Thank your mother-in-law.
52. Forgive that someone.

So... what's on your 2009 To-Do List?

I got this from Life With My 3 Boybarians.

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patricia said...

# 53
update your blog.