Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seeing Through the Trees

I'm making some headway, beginning to "see through the trees" or see through to all I resolve to do around here. (Picture taken at Disneyland.) My resolution to organize the kitchen is finished and the organization of my office is coming together.

I do have some WIP's that I could share. I've been making wheelchair totes. I use colorful, sturdy, washable fabric for the exterior and coordinated cotton prints for the
inside. I've added a pocket and gusset seams at the bottom (I made up that term because I didn't know what to call it) as an alteration to the original pattern given to me. I actually saw a young child with an adorable bag similar to this on her little walker. So, you could use this for a stroller or back of a car seat, as well.

I'd be happy to share my pattern with you if you will email me and make a request.
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1 comment:

patricia said...

LOVE your creativity!
I would also love the pattern but I'd love it even more if you made one for me ! HA!! I really like the idea of using one on the back of a car seat.
Good idea =)