Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chocolate Is Here!

Oh my, can I even tell you how excited I was today to find this package on my doorstep! I won Wende's contest. I think I had goosebumps while I was unwrapping the little surprises. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! I found Mint Chocolate hand creme. Really - no kidding! I have such dry hands that I love to have bottles to keep in my purse. It smells like I could eat it! But I won't . . . My 'fantabulous' package has so much chocolate in it! There is a box of assorted chocolates, 65% dark cocoa chocolate (love that!), Swedish milk chocolates, gourmet hot cocoa, organic dark chocolate with cherries and vanilla - yeah! Hey there's more -Creme Chocolate Black Tea Leaves - no kidding! I wanted to try chocolate tea - cool. Get this - Mocha Java Grilling Rub for beef. Who even thinks of these things? She included a cute coffee mug with a pink rose on it. How perfect is that. My last little gem is Cocoa Lip Scrub with promises of becoming addicting! This is so exciting and I haven't even met Wende of Evidently, yet. What a generous spirit she has. I've been blessed today. Thank you Wende!


Wende said...

Oh, yippee! It all got there in one piece. I was a bit worried about the vintage chocolate mug... hence the over-wrapping. :D

Thanks again for playing along. And for letting me know.


Tandra said...

Oooooh Kim youare a lucky girl!! Thats a fabulous gift!!!! Chocolate lip scrub??? Decadent!!!
I love Wendes blog!!!