Thursday, August 9, 2007

Viva la Paris!

In the Spring of 2007 we spent a week in this fascinating city. I could not get enough of the Eiffel Tower! I love the image of it. The tower is so big, you can view it from many different locations. It was just a few blocks from our hotel.

And surprise! at 9:00 pm for about 10 minutes, the tower lights up with sparkly twinkling white lights. It is just breathtaking.

We were in line for the elevator to ascend to the top, but come to find out after a few minutes waiting in the hot weather, it was the line for taking the stairs to the top! No thank you - I couldn't do that.

Did you know? The color of the tower is actually taupe and not black.
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Tandra said...

HI KIM!!! How are you? Good start with the blog! Its fun I tell ya'!!

Go into your blog settings and click on Enabling Comments, then click the scroll down button that will say whose comments you will accept. Click "anyone"(or everyone), then save, that way people will be able to comment here, right now most people cant!!

Link me on you r blog where Patricias is, and Ill link you to mine!!!

Patricia said...

Viva la Kimmie!
You are so Fabulous!
Get some of your incredible creations on here so people can marvel at your creativity!