Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer 2007 - Squaw Valley, CA

There we were at Lake Tahoe; one of the most beautiful lakes I've seen. The water is clear bright blue. Strolling along the beach you couldn't find a bad view. We went jet skiing and what a trip that was! It was the first time for us and it was wild. It was windy and the water was blowing in our faces. We were bouncing around and I felt I was hanging on for dear life. Maybe we shouldn't have had three of us on one ski . . . In the middle of the lake we decided to switch drivers. Ha! now I see how silly that was. Well, guess who fell in. . .

My friend, Linda, is going there this weekend to rent a house by the lake. They have their boat to play in. I know how much they are going to love being there.

We went to the Sunnyside Cafe for lunch - twice! You just have to try it. Right on the water - I took most of my pictures of the lake at that spot.

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Patricia said...

What a beautiful memory! I especially like the part about falling in the water.
You go you Wild Thang!